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Michelange Ngomo

RSM Celebrated One Of It’s Own!

Youth celebrated through their exhibited work.

On the 16th of June 2023, the Faith Ministries Africa Youth Department, led by Michelange Ngomo, hosted the remarkable Explora Gifts Gala Dinner. This extraordinary event took place at the prestigious Faith Ministries Africa Durban Hall. With a primary focus on promoting and showcasing the diverse talents, skills, and gifts of the youth, this gala dinner celebrated the entrepreneurial spirit that resides within the younger generation.

The event was a grand platform for a group of inspiring youth entrepreneurs to be celebrated and exhibit their work. From a fashion collection, appetizing yogurt, accessories, socks, and an innovative backpack creation, the up-and-coming entrepreneurs showcased their ventures.

Remarkable Explora Gifts Gala Dinner jpg

Right Side Media’s very own Michelange Ngomo, displayed his artistic prowess through his design and fine art business called Workshop Vision.

The Explora Gifts Gala Dinner proved to be an astounding success, with a venue filled to its capacity, renowned performances, and overwhelming support demonstrated in eagerness to celebrate the accomplishments of the youth’s entrepreneurial endeavours.

The organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to the event’s sponsors, whose contributions were instrumental in making the gala dinner a resounding triumph. The Right Side Media also played a pivotal role as a sponsor, providing essential equipment for event coverage and sponsoring tickets for individuals to attend the gala.

To learn more about Michelange Ngomo, you can visit his YouTube channel by following this link.